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Mr Button's - One Shot Origins

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Mr Button's: One Shot, is a very different Teddy Bear Tale...

This Teddy Bear has decided to tackle the Boogeyman and his Monsters under the bed in a much more direct way. This isn't your typical Night Guardians story, this psychotic ball of fluff aims to end the Monsters under the bed and the Bogeyman permanently.

Imagine Evil Dead and Ted have had a bastard Love child and then a sprinkle a bit of Kick-Ass mayhem on top. Mr Button is on single minded mission to take down all the imaginary legends of our childhood and he is starting with the Bogeyman.
Join Mr. Button and his reluctant companion, the Narrator (Mr Fancy-Pants), as they journey into the Realm Of Underbed – home to the Boogeyman and his Legions of Monsters under the bed. Watch as he slowly makes his way to the Boogeyman’s Castle, leaving a trail of broken Monsters in his wake, as he works his way to a climatic confrontation with the Boogeyman to show him what true fear really is. To find out how it all ends, you’ll have to pick up the book! You can preview the pages below, but be warned this title is rated R.

Mr Button's One Shot with a stunning bonus origin story is a 26 page, full-color teddy bear action comic book by Nick Davis, with art by Veronica Smith and Dan Nokes.

Warning this Is a mature title

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