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Pre-Order - Awakenings: A Teddy Bear Tale, Part Three

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In Awakenings: A Teddy Bear Tale Part Three continues the story of Tristan and Wilma on a desperate quest to save their child from the Lord of Nightmares.

Tristan and Wilma have journeyed into the Underbed on a dual quest to save Archer and rescue their child. They are joined by a new companion, Fernando the Mouse Lion, who guides them to the Bogeyman's castle dungeons. With time running out before dawn, the cuddly toys desperately search the castle to find the Bogeyman and win back their child's soul. Only one problem, they first have to But are our heroes ready for an encounter with the Lord of Nightmares?

Awakenings: A Teddy Bear Tale Part Three is a 64+ page, full-color action graphic book by Nick Davis, with art by Veronica Smith.

This book is on pre-order and will ship August 2021.

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