Exposition - What would you do if you found yourself in a superhero comic book?Exposition By Nick Davis | Art By Bill Young

What would you do if you found yourself in a superhero comic book?

Well, Jack knows…

Even Jack will admit he isn’t having a great month. After finally getting his dream job as lead writer on the Captain Avenger comic book his inspiration runs dry. With his writer deadline looming, his editor on his back, and no sleep for days, Jack tries to hash out a story with little success. Then things really start to turn strange; Jack’s characters start popping up in his life and he finds himself caught up in action straight out of the pages of a superhero comic book.

The question is, as the line between fiction and real life starts to blur, is Jack on the verge of a nervous breakdown? Or are these events more real than he realizes…

Exposition is a unique mashup of comic book and prose, featuring superheroes, supervillains, dim henchmen, noisy ninjas, giant robots, flying monkeys with laser-beams for eyes and a very diabolic dance number. As a Jack begins to lose the plot as he desperately seeks the ending to the story.

Exposition is a 46 page graphic novel mashup of comic book & prose storytelling and will be the most unusual, not about superheroes, but has superheroes in it, comic book you will ever read.

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