Let's Hunt Monstas! A Teddy Bear v Monsters Comic BookMr. Button’s Let’s Hunt Monstas! 
Written & Illustrated by Nick Davis
Coming as soon as Nick draws it!

Join the Monsta Huntas! And embrace the mayhem! 

Let’s Hunt Monstas! a Night Guardian comic book adventure about a misfit band of cuddly toys led by Mr. Button the Teddy Bear, who hunt down monsters under the bed.

Let’s Hunt Monstas! is a mayhem filled introduction to the role of the Monsta Huntas. The troubleshooting Night Guardian mercenaries that are brought in to take down the worst monsta infestations. They deal with the situations the Teddy Bear Academy don’t want to dirty their paws with.

Journey with Mr. Button, as he takes on his latest Monsta Hunta gig and journeys once more into the Underbed to stop the monstas latest threat to our reality.

Let’s Hunt Monstas! #1 in a 24 page, full-color one issue micro-series, is coming as soon as Nick draws it!

  • Starting pencils on page twelve.
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Let's Hunt Monsters! with Mr. Button the Teddy Bear