Let's Hunt Monstas! A Teddy Bear v Monsters Comic BookMr. Button’s –  Let’s Hunt Monstas! 
Written & Illustrated by Nick Davis

A Teddy Bear Monster Hunter for Hire!!!

Mr. Button is a Monsta Hunta for hire! A mercenary teddy bear paid to hunt the biggest, meanest, nastiest of the monsters under the bed. Let’s Hunt Monstas! is a Night Guardian comic book adventure about a misfit band of cuddly toys, led by Mr. Button the Teddy Bear, who hunt monsters under the bed.

Let’s Hunt Monstas! is a mayhem filled introduction to the role of the Monsta Huntas, the troubleshooting Night Guardian mercenaries that are brought in to take down the worst monster infestations. They deal with the situations other cuddly toys don’t want to dirty their paws with.

Let’s Hunt Monstas! is an extreme comic book fantasy adventure based in the world of the Night Guardians. A comic book heavily influenced by 2000AD, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, with a little bit of Skottie Young’s I Hate Fairyland on the side.

The book is full of cartoon Tom & Jerry mayhem, mixed with Itchy & Scratchy and Rick & Morty. It is crude, over-the-top and a fun sequential ride into the world of monster hunting, and you also learn how to swear like a teddy bear!

Let’s Hunt Monstas! #1 is a 32 page, full-color one issue micro-series, order your comic book today!

Preview the first six pages

Let's Hunt Monsters! with Mr. Button the Teddy Bear