Giant-Sized Adventures - a Night Guardian Anthology CompendiumGiant-Sized Adventures
A Night Guardians Compendium
By Nick Davis & Veronica Smith

Giant-Sized Adventures, collects together, TeamD, the Dream Warriors and Rokkit Bunny into one compendium busting with… Well, adventures!

  • TeamD – the little big adventure of a super-smart girl, a grumpy old teddy bear and rubber dinosaur traveling the universe with portal math.
  • Dream Warriors – two kids and their teddy bear spirit guide protecting the realm of dreams from the nightmares of the dark.
  • Rokkit Bunny – a bunny, a jetpack and an ongoing mission to take down the monsters of the boogeyman.

This adventure graphic novel collects together the A Little Big Adventure, A Whole New Adventure & Rokkit Bunny into a 78+ page graphic novel; containing all Night Guardian adventures, plus cover gallery and more. Giant-Sized Adventures is available in paperback or collector’s edition hardback.

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