The Dream Warriors

The Dream Warriors

Written by Nick Davis | Art by Veronica Smith

Meet the Teddy'verse Dream Warriors, Thomas and Tom.

Hope, courage, friendship.

Meet the Dream Warriors, Thomas and his teddy bear Tom, two heroes keeping the Dreamscape, and dreams safe from the Dark – nightmare shades of the Boogeyman. Join them on their debut adventure into a realm shaped by wonder, a wild-frontier of upside down environments, purple grass and floating island, green sea and blue clear sky, a realm where anything is possible, and is shaped by the imagination of children, everywhere. A place where Thomas can be strong, gallant, heroic and forget his sickness, where he can share his joy for life.

The Dream Warriors are coming in 2022, a bittersweet story, that explores a very different part of the Teddy’verse, a story inspired by the courage of child cancer patients everywhere.

Adventures ahead!

Concept Art by Nick Davis & Veronica Smith


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