The Dream Warriors, protecting our dreams from the nightmares of the BoogeymanA Whole New Adventure
Written by Nick Davis
Art by Veronica Smith
Hope, courage, friendship.

A whole new adventure set in the world of the Night Guardians, where Thomas, a cancer-ridden child who dreams of being a Knight of old, Nate his teddy bear spirit guide and Marcy, a whip-smart girl and shaper of dreams, explore and protect the realm of dreams from the Dark, the nightmare of the Boogeyman.

A Whole New Adventure is the debut adventure story for the Dream Warriors. Journey with our heroes into a world shaped by wonder, a wild-frontier of upside down environments, purple grass and floating islands in a turquoise sky. Guided by Nate, the kids discover their imaginations can take physical form, and use these new found powers to protect our dreams from the Dark, the nightmare of the boogeyman.

The Dream Warriors is a 40 page adventure graphic novel is available for to order from on Barnes & Noble. A bittersweet fantasy adventure, that explores a very different part of the Teddy’verse and a story inspired by the courage of hospitalized children everywhere.

Adventures ahead!

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The Dream Warriors

  • Thomas – just your average, everyday ten year old, who loves comics, video games and tales of the Knights of old.
  • Nathanial (Nate) – his teddy bear spirit guide to the realm of dreams, this loyal companion brings Thomas to this new land so they can have one last adventure together.
  • Marcy – a whip smart girl, who Thomas’ rescues from the Dark, and soon joins their adventures in the realm of dreams.

Concept Art by Nick Davis & Veronica Smith

For Nathaniel by Nick Davis

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In 2012 I wrote a silly story about a Teddy Bear who defended his child against the Monsters under the bed. I called it A Teddy Bear Tale and had the story illustrated by Maryland Artist Dan Nokes. The story never really sold, but it did manage to touch a few lives. I heard stories from parents how the book helped their child sleep with the lights off, or how the Night Guardians have inspired their child get over their general anxiety.

However, few years ago I got an email from Nathaniel’s mother and learned about Nathaniel’s bittersweet story. In 2013 Nathaniel turned nine years old, like every kid his age, he was rambunctious, full of energy and life. He also had a favorite cuddly toy, an Orca (God of The Sea) that he slept with every night. Sadly, that year Nathaniel was diagnosed with bone cancer and lost part of his right arm to the disease.
Nathaniel’s father found a picture of Tristan the Teddy Bear defending his child from the Monsters under the bed online. The cover of my illustrated story, A Teddy Bear Tale, he bought the book, and it soon became a family favorite, giving Nathaniel the peace and courage, he needed, and with his Orca watching over him he slept better at night. Unfortunately, Nathaniel’s story has sadly ended, the cancer was too much for his young body and he passed away on Christmas Eve of that year.

The Dream Warrior adventures are a tribute to Nathanial, and to all child cancer patients and the courage they show fighting against this disease. Below is my video reaction at the time of learning the news and you can read the corresponding news article in the Avenue News


About Nathaniel’s Childhood Cancer Foundation

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Nathaniel's Childhood Cancer Foundation On the sad passing of Nathaniel, his parents formed the Nathaniel Childhood Cancer Foundation (NCCF), to bring joy to other children’s hospital rooms. The NCCF focuses on providing children battling cancer with care packages, aka Warrior Packs. These are not ordinary activity packs! These packs provide EXTRAordinary items to these brave children like gaming systems, toys, books, electronics and more.

Additionally, the NCCF recognizes the siblings of these childhood cancer patients and provide them an extra special Protector Pack. Oftentimes, siblings can feel lost in the fray, and we want them to know they provide a vital function to the recovery of their sibling by being their protector and keeper.

Learn more about the NCCF and how you can help here.


The Dream Warriors, explorers and protects of the realm of dreams from the Dark, the nightmare of the Boogeyman.