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Hello, and welcome to Alt World Studios, the home of the Night Guardians, the adventures of heroic kids and cuddly toys who protect us from the monsters under the bed. Alt World Studios is based in Orrstown, PA, USA, and all works are independently published to bring you unique adventures and voices that teach hope, courage and most importantly friendship.

About Nick Davis – writer and occasional artist

Nick Davis is an Englishman in the USA, the writer and occasional artist of the Night Guardians, the ongoing adventures of heroic kids and cuddly toys who bump back against the bumps in the night and their master, the Boogeyman. [Read More

Nick Davis, writer and occasional artist
Nick grew up in a small English market town called Melton Mowbray, and devoured the newsprint comics of the time; from 2000AD, Battle, Warlord, Tiger, the Beano and more. It was a time of Rupert the Bear annuals, Muppets, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, Dungeon and Dragons and Action Force! Along with being a fan of Kenneth Grahame’s Wind of the Willows, and the E.H. Shepard illustrated Winnie the Pooh, Nick is also an avid reader of pulpy mecha novels, Captain America, manga and anything Tolkien and Pratchett related.

Joining Games Workshop in the mid-90’s, first as a Mail Order Troll, Nick soon moved to the design and production arm of the Games Workshop Design Studio, where after working on Warhammer 40,000 3rd Edition and various army/codex books, he was tapped to become a feature writer and production assistant on White Dwarf Magazine by Paul ‘Fat Bloke’ Sawyer. In this environment Nick contributed articles on terrain building, painting toy soldiers and gaming, all while getting a monthly magazine ready for publication.

In the early 00’s, Nick moved to the USA, joining Games Workshop America to create content for the website, before ending his run with the company with a small stint on the USA version of White Dwarf magazine. It was during his time with Games Workshop America, that Nick worked on the warhost ‘In a Flash’ gaming conditions for Lord of the Rings, with similar rule sets for Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000. This inspired Nick to create the Alt World website, first to publish alternative world gaming supplements using the Warhammer and Lord of the Rings gaming systems, before changing the name to Alt World Studios, and evolving the website to be his creative voice for storytelling on the interwebs.

Nick still lives and works in the USA as a digital marketing architect and graphic designer for a DC health care non-profit. Occasionally, he can be found plodding away on a worn out keyboard, attempting to draw, or playing with Lego while he explores and tells the stories of the tea-powered worlds of his imagination.

Adventures ahead!!!

About Veronica Smith – Night Guardian artist

Veronica Smith, a Michigan native, is a long time artistic collaborator on the Night Guardian titles and is responsible for bringing the words of Nick Davis to life in many of the adventure books here at Alt World Studios. [Read More

Veronica Smith - Artist, Editor, CartoonistVeronica (Roni) works as a colorist and artist on a number of independent small press books, and is the Associate Editor for Freestyle Komics, Roni has published her own titles and has worked with William Shatner, on his comic book series – Man O’War.

Nick first worked with Roni on an independent comic book called Spooky Abigail, the tale of a Teenage Witch in Training (TWiT), who has a rat instead of a cat. It was a magical fantasy tale, and Roni brought Spooky to life with a wonderful interpretation of the character. With such great art and cartooning style, it was a no brainier for Nick to recruit Roni to work on the Night Guardian books.

To date, Roni has worked with Nick on; The Long Tall Tail, Mr.Button the Teddy Bear, Team-D, Dream Warriors and of course the Night Guardians graphic novel, Awakenings. Her pencils, inks and colors have become synonymous with Nick’s writing, and has breathed life into the heroes and villains of the Night Guardians. Together they have created a huge fantasy world where the adventure has only just begun.

You can find more of Roni’s art on her Deviant Art page, and she is always open for new projects to take on. We at Alt World Studios are very lucky to have such a talent on the team, and know there will be a day when she gets snapped up by the big two, where we can say, we knew her when. Thank you Roni for all the amazing work that you do.