The Last Guardian - an apocalyptic tale about a Boy and his Teddy Bear

The Last Guardian 
Written by Nick Davis
Illustrated by Veronica Smith

An apocalyptic fable about a boy and his giant robot teddy bear

In a world ravaged by A.I. monsters, humanity is hanging on by a thread in fortified cities and hidden underground bunkers.

A young boy and his giant robotic teddy bear are driven from the safety of their underground shelter, must find the lost city of Sanctuary to reunite with his parents. The companions face unknown dangers and challenges as they travel across an apocalyptic wilderness, while being hunted by relentless, unsleeping, A.I. mechanical terrors. The Last Guardian is a story of courage and friendship, and holding onto hope against all the odds.

The Last Guardian is a Night Guardians illustrated adventure.  A fable about a boy and his teddy bear as they journey through the wastelands of an A.I. apocalypse. Written by Nick Davis and illustrated by Veronica Smith.