Teddy Bear Action Comics With Hero Ted

Teddy Bear Action Comics With Hero TedAll-Ages Mega-Adventure Comic Book by Nick Davis

Hero Ted – is just your everyday normal Teddy Bear, but when he puts on his child’s security blanket he turns into Hero Ted – the super-powered Teddy Bear defender of truth, justice and cuddles, out to save the world just before bedtime.

The Cuddly Ninjas – an elite team of Cuddly Toys trained by their threadbare Sensei in the mysterious arts of Ted-jitsu to take back the night from the Monsters under the bed.

Teddy Bear Action Comics collects together four Teddy Bear adventure stories, featuring Hero Ted’s adventures and the Cuddly Ninjas first encounter with the monsters under the bed.

Written and drawn by Nick Davis, the Creator of the Teddy Bear Tales and the Cuddly Defenders.

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