The Night Guardians Graphic Novel

The Night Guardians - Cuddly Toys and Teddy Bears bumping back at the bumps in the night

Awakenings, the Night Guardians Graphic Novel

Written by Nick Davis | Art by Veronica Smith

The Night Guardians Graphic Novel available on Amazon Exclusive at Barnes & Noble

The Night Guardians are a band of heroic cuddly toys who bump back at the bumps in the night.

The Night Guardians: Awakenings graphic novel is the story of a ragtag band of cuddly toys who go on a desperate quest into the Underbed, racing against the night to save their child’s soul from the Lord of Nightmares.

The graphic novel collects together the entire Awakenings six act story arc into a 150+ page graphic novel; containing the full story, bonus materials, cover gallery, pin-up art and more.

  • 150+ full color pages
  • Cover gallery
  • Available in trade paperback and a hardback collectors edition

The Night Guardians graphic novel is available in trade paperback for $19.99 or collector’s edition hardback for $29.99. Order direct from Barnes and Noble or Amazon, or click the button below.

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