The Books of Alt World Studios

The Alt World Studios catalog of stories is constantly growing, with new titles added all the time. From the heroic kids and cuddly toy fantasy adventures in the Night Guardians; to the tales of once upon a time wonder in the Ninth Kingdom. We have stories for all-ages, all lovers of fantasy, of wonder… Adventures ahead!!!

The Night Guardians

The Night Guardians series are a series of fantasy adventures of heroic kids and cuddly toys who protect us from the Boogeyman and the monsters under the bed.

The Teddy Bear Tales

Illustrated story books featuring Tristan the Teddy Bear and his friends the Cuddly Defenders as they protect the land of Wonder from the monsters under the bed.

Alt World Adventures

From the Wonder Tales of the Ninth Kingdom to the comic book action of Exposition. Our non-Night Guardian stories bring the adventure, but are still connected to the larger AWStudio universe.