All Ages Fantasy Fairy Tales

Once Upon a Time… Five magical words that open stories of wonder and imagination.

The Wonder Tales Fantasy Stories are a collection of fantastical all ages fables that are set in a fantasy world of Once Upon a Time, in a Land Far, Far Away known as the Ninth Kingdom. It is a world of magic, of wonder, of vain Kings, noble Heroes, beautiful self-rescuing Princesses, evil Witches, scary Monsters, cowardly spirits and a mightily cunning talking horse. Welcome to an all-ages fantasy adventure series written in the classic fairy story style, where good is good, bad is really bad, the villain always comes to a sticky end, and everyone has a happy ever after.

The Wonder Tales - Once Upon a Time Fantasy Fairy Stories In The Ninth KingdomThe Wonder Tales
by Nick Davis | Illustrated by Terra Bidlespacher

The Wonder Tales gathers together all the once upon time adventures of the Ninth Kingdom and the Land of the Sun into one fantastical volume. These are all-ages fables based on the fairy tales of Eastern Europe and the folk-lore of Japan.

The Wonder Tale Combines Volume One & Two, with never read before bonus stories.

  • The Archer, the Horse and the Princess
  • The Archer, the Horse and the Golden Braid
  • The Archer and the Flying Pirate Ship
  • The Archer, the Horse and the Forgotten Quest
  • The Daughter of Frost
  • The Princess Archer
  • The Princess and the Serpent of Iron Mountain
  • The Tall Tale Of Tobisum the Inch High Samurai
  • The Golden Comb
  • The Lost Letter
  • Bonus Stories –
    • I Am Wolf
    • The Girl & the Troll

Read these tales to your children, or you can let them enjoy the wonder of reading for themselves with these magical yarns of pure imagination.

The Daughter Of Frost - A Fairy TaleThe Wonder Tales: The Daughter Of Frost
By Nick Davis | Illustrated by Terra Bidlespacher

Do you believe in Fairy Tales? My Daughter does and The Daughter of Frost is a story I wrote to read to her.

Once Upon a Time in a land far, far away the Fairy of Spring and Jack Frost had a daughter they named Aneira. Who they gave to a childless Woodcutter and his wife so their daughter could experience the love and affection of mortal parents. This is her story, a classic fairy tale of winter, of love, of good, of evil and the power of innocence.

Now you can read this full color Illustrated Wonder Tale to your children and explore an age of magic and high adventure in the Ninth Kingdom.