500 Word Flash Fiction – The Girl In The Mirror

The Girl In The MirrorThere once lived a girl who had very rich parents and she had everything a girl could ever want. Her parents gave her anything she asked for from shiny toys, to jewelry, makeup and a real pony, she wanted for nothing and she knew it. One day while out with her Father, the girl chanced upon an odd looking shop painted brown with gold fluting and the words Mr. Nokes Ye Olde Antique Emporium were emblazoned upon the window. Through the store window she saw many curious objects including a large mirror edged with gold. The girl thought it was very pretty and wanted it for her room; of course the doting Father was unable to deny his Daughter anything and brought it immediately.

When the mirror was delivered, the girl ran up to her room to see her reflection in it and was startled by what she saw. Looking back was a very sad face, she tried smiling and making silly faces, but her refection continued to look sad and didn’t change. Confused, the girl left her room and went to the store to buy magazines and a new outfit to wear. She came back to her room as happy as can be, tried on her new outfit and looked in the mirror; again her face looked sad although she knew she was grinning from ear to ear. Over the next week she brought and was brought all kinds of new things, but whenever she looked into the mirror her reflection kept looking back at her all sad. Fed up, she picked up the mirror, stuck it into corner, covering it with a white cloth and called it stupid.

The next day while she was being driven to school by her Driver she saw a little girl wandering down the road crying, something touched her and she asked for the car to be pulled over. The girl was crying really hard and looked so lonely that she needed to know what had happened. The younger girl told her she had lost her parents and was very scared. Together they set off to find them, to stop the little girl from crying she gave the girl her brand new gold necklace with heart charms, which made the little girl smile. After much walking and searching they finally find the little girl’s parents; who were out looking for her and were very worried.

She said goodbye and got back into her car to be driven home. When she arrived back at her house she went straight up to her room and noticed a shining light in the corner, the very same corner she had left the forgotten mirror in. Seeing this she went over to the mirror pulling the white cloth cover off it. The sight of her reflection startled her, her face was beaming with the light of her smile, even wider than she knew she was smiling. Finally she understood the mystery of the mirror; it reflected true happiness.