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Welcome to the Teddyverse, the home of the night guardians, a band of heroes, cuddly and human, who bump back at the bumps in the night; these heroes are on a quest to stop the Lord of the Nightmares from stealing the wonder from the world and changing reality forever.

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The Night Guardians - Cuddly Toys and Teddy Bears bumping back at the bumps in the night

The Night Guardians: Awakenings Graphic Novel

Written by Nick Davis | Art by Veronica Smith

The adventure starts on the darkest of nights, darker than any other before, a time when the house is still and monsters creep out from under the bed, it is the time of the Awakenings, the first tale of the Night Guardians, a band of ragtag cuddly toys who bump back at the bumps in the night.

The Night Guardians: Awakenings graphic novel is the story of a band of cuddly toys who go on a desperate quest into the Underbed, racing against the night to save their child’s soul from the Lord of Nightmares.

This graphic novel collects together the entire Awakenings six act story arc into an 150+ page graphic novel; containing the full story, bonus materials, cover gallery and more.

  • 150+ full color pages
  • Cover gallery
  • Bonus materials
  • Available in trade paperback and hardback collectors edition

The Night Guardians graphic novel is available in Ebook, paperback or collector’s edition hardback.

Kindle eBook – $9.99

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TeamD - A Little Big AdventureTeam-D: The Awesome Adventures Of A Girl, Her Teddy Bear & A Rubber Dinosaur
Story by Nick Davis | Art by Veronica Smith

Team-D is an adventure pilot comic book following the adventures of Dee, a super-smart girl, a rubber shape-changing dinosaur and her grumpy old Teddy Bear, on a little big adventure across reality to find the Adinkra keys of the universe before the Lord of Nightmares. The Team-D book is a limited one shot print run and is available to order now.

Teddy Bear Action Comics With Hero TedTeddy Bear Actions Comics with Hero Ted by Nick Davis

All ages heroic adventure with Hero Ted and his friends the Cuddly Ninjas as they battle to save nap-time from the monsters under the bed.

  • Hero Ted – is just your everyday normal Teddy Bear, but when he puts on his child’s security blanket he turns into Hero Ted – the super-powered Teddy Bear defender of truth, justice and cuddles, out to save the world just before bedtime.
  • The Cuddly Ninjas – an elite team of Cuddly Toys trained by their threadbare Sensei in the mysterious arts of Tedjitsu to take back the night from the Monsters under the bed.

Teddy Bear Action Comics is an early reader comic book rated 4+ that collects together four Teddy Bear adventure stories, featuring Hero Ted’s adventures and the Cuddly Ninjas first encounter with the monsters under the bed. Written and drawn by Nick Davis, the creator of the teddyverse.

Kindle eBook – $3.99

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