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Hello and welcome to my Writers and Design Portfolio. Along with my stories I have produced and written a number of gaming related articles for the Games Workshop White Dwarf Hobby magazines. I have also had work published on the Games Workshop website, in their gaming products and in the independent Undefeated Gaming Magazine.

A Collection of Work

Featured below is a collection of my work, it’s far from complete, and I will be adding to it over time as I locate articles from White Dwarf and other publications. All page design, content and photographs were produced by myself from a product brief with the stakeholder, and then placed into standard layouts or worked up from a blank template. Included below are examples of my writing and design style.

Feature Articles

Published in White Dwarf and Undefeated Magazines.


Written to advertise or promote a new product or event featured in White Dwarf Magazine.

Scenery Articles

How to Guides and inspiration experience advertorial.


Game Background articles used to expand on the Games Workshop universes featured in White Dwarf Magazine.

Painting Guide

How to painting guides featured in White Dwarf Magazine.

Rules Modification

House Rules Guidelines bringing a new angle to the Games Workshop universes featured in White Dwarf Magazine.

Legal Disclaimer. The pages published above are intended only as portfolio and as proof of ability and not as a challenge to the copyright holders.