Happy Winnie the Pooh Day!

Oh, yes, it is January 18, known as Winnie the Pooh day, a day to celebrate the joy and gentle adventures of a very silly little bear with a heart as big as the woods he inhabits. (more…)

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TMNT Tribute Art

I have made no secret that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were (and still) a huge influence on me and this TMNT piece was drawn in Procreate as a tribute to those four turtles that turned comic books completely upside down.


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The Dream Warriors Officially join the Teddy’verse Pantheon

The Pantheon of Heroes from the Teddy'verse, the world of the Night Guardians

As work continues on the script for the Dream Warriors debut book, we can now officially claim them as part of the Teddy’verse, as Thomas and his teddy bear Nate, are placed in the Night Guardians Pantheon illustration alongside, Tristan, Wilma, Fernando, Dee and Duo and all the other heroes that bump back at the bumps in the night.


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