2024 Release Announcements

This year has been a rebuilding year here at Alt World Studios, a pause for breath as we figured out the direction we would be taking in our future releases. This pause also meant we only got one book published this year, which is the Night Guardian storybook, The Last Guardian.


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The Dream Warriors will have a sequel

You read the headline right, the Dream Warriors will have a sequel. While I cannot reveal all the details yet, I have managed to secure funding to ensure the Dream Warriors project will run return as a full graphic novel!


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Little Wars by H G Wells Remastered

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It is no secret that Nick Davis, creator of the Night Guardians, came from a wargaming background and worked for Games Workshop in the late 90’s through to the early 00’s. As a tribute to hobby that inspired Nick to open Alt World, we have remastered Little Wars, by H. G. Wells, the first miniature wargaming rulebook.


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