The Night Guardians - a ragtag band of teddy bears and cuddly toys protecting us from the monsters under the bed

You can now read the Night Guardians series on Barnes & Noble

The Night Guardians - Cuddly Toys and Teddy Bears bumping back at the bumps in the night

You can now pick up the adventures of the Night Guardians, our heroic band of cuddly toys who bump back at the bumps in the night, as a book series on Barnes & Noble, all the books qualify for free shipping and can be brought via B&N’s Kid’s Club.

The Night Guardians series books are between 50 – 60 pages in length and are in full color, the books have a recommended reading age of 8+ and are jam packed full of adventures. The first three book series cover the Awakenings Saga, our heroes first adventure, as they race against the night to save their child’s imagination from the Lord of Nightmares. Going forward, we at Alt World Studios aims to publish at least one Night Guardians book annually; along with Teddyverse titles TeamD and Teddy Bear Action Comic titles.

You can also pick up the entire Awakenings saga as a collected work on Barnes & Noble, in paperback or hardcover, check out the new titles and join the adventure.

Adventures ahead!