The Dream Warriors - A cancer-ridden boy dreaming of being a Knight of old and a teddy bear spirit guide exploring and protecting the realm of dreams from the Dark, the nightmare of the Boogeyman.

Final print files sent to Barnes & Noble for the Dream Warriros

The Dream Warriors, protecting our dreams from the nightmares of the BoogeymanToday I released final cover and interior files for the Dream Warriors to Barnes & Noble so they can complete their print checks for the release date of October 31st, 2022.

This book has been an adventure, in its writing and production, and is the start of a new direction from my Night Guardian universe, with a story that I feel is one of the best I have ever written.

The Dream Warriors though, would not be possible, if it wasn’t for the amazing art of Veronica Smith, who brings my words to life with amazing cartooning art, that convey the action, the emotion, the adventure in the book. Thank you Roni for working against a tough deadline on this one, you are a total stonker!!!

And a final thank you to everyone who has preordered or contributed to the Dream Warrriors Kickstarter. With your faith and support we have made a fantastic edition to the Night Guardians lore. I cannot wait to get this book into all your hands and sharing the adventures of Thomas, Marcy and Nate.

With everything now locked down with the book I find myself in a strange space of actually having free time in the evening. So, time of a week long break, maybe play with some Lego, read a couple of books, watch a couple of show and I start the work on part two of the Dream Warriors and my choose your own adventure book – The Babysitter!

If you are interested in learning more about the Dream Warriors, learn more and read a preview here.

Adventures ahead!