Let's Hunt Monstas! 306% Funded over Kickstarter

Let’s Hunt Monstas! 306% funded on Kickstarter

The Let’s Hunt Monstas! the comic book about a teddy bear who hunts monsters with extreme prejudice finished its 28 days run on Kickstarter 306% funded! Marking this project as one of my most successfully funded on the crowdfunding website.

Let's Hunt Monsters! with Mr. Button the Teddy BearThe comic book that features Mr. Button the Teddy Bear in his first PG rated story, as he takes a monsta hunta gig that goes really, really wrong. This 32 page book is written, drawn, colored, and lettered by Night Guardians creator Nick Davis, and is his first solo fully fledged long-form sequential story. You can learn more about this comic book here.

If you did miss the Kickstarter, Let’s Hunt Monstas! will be available directly from Nick Davis at one of the conventions he is attending this year, or you can (pre)order the comic book here.

Adventures ahead!