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Let’s Hunt Monstas! Seeking Print Funding on Kickstarter

Let’s Hunt Monstas, the everyday tale of a teddy bear who hunts monsters under the bed is seeking print funding on Kickstarter!

Support Let's Hunt Monstas! on KickstarterLet’s Hunt Monstas! is a mayhem filled comic book introduction to the role of the Monsta Huntas, the troubleshooting Night Guardian mercenaries, that are brought in to take down the worst monsta infestations. They deal with the situations other cuddly toys don’t want to dirty their paws with.

In this book you journey with Mr. Button, the roughest, and toughest of the Monsta Huntas, as he takes on his latest hunta gig and journeys into the Underbed, the realm of the Boogeyman, to stop the monstas latest threat to our reality by any means possible. This book is rated PG for teddy bear on monster cartoon violence.

The comic book is seeking print funding on Kickstarter, check out Let’s Hunt Monstas here.