The Night Guardians v Cthulhu

First Look – The Night Guardians v Cthulhu Graphic Novel Cover

If you met me at a convention you know I have been talking about this project all year, indeed one of the goals of my convention attendance this year was to raise the funds to get the Night Guardians v Cthulhu project started and I am very proud to present to you the cover for the graphic novel.

The Night Guardians v CthulhuThe Night Guardians v Cthulhu is the next story featuring the original Night Guardians team of Tristan, Wilma, Archer and Fernando, as they uncover a plot by the rogue monster under the bed, Blue Shaman Cerula, to summon the ultimate monster and take over our reality forever. The book will also bring together other elements of the Night Guardians ‘teddy-verse’ like TeamD, Mr. Button and an appearance of the Dream Warriors – told you it was all connected.

Look for the first book to drop mid-2024.

Adventures ahead!