The Last Guardian - an apocalyptic fable about a boy and his giant robot teddy bear.

New Release! The Last Guardian an illustrated apocalyptic graphic novel fable

The Last Guardian, an illustrated apocalyptic fable about a boy and his giant robotic teddy bear traveling the wastelands trying to find sanctuary, while being hunted by A.I. monsters is now available!

The Last Guardian - an apocalyptic tale about a Boy and his Giant Robot Teddy BearThis illustrated graphic novel is the 2023 release for Alt World Studios and brings together the words of Nick Davis and the art of Veronica Smith, in a tale about courage, friendship and hope against all the odds. The reading age for Last Guardian is 7+ and is written as an all-ages story, set in an A.I. apocalypse and contains elements of danger.

The book has been made possible by the Alt World Studio book sales and the contributors of the Last Guardian Kickstarter, thank you all for helping make our unique adventure tales happen.

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