Alt World Studios 2024 Releases

2024 Release Announcements

2023 has been a rebuilding year here at Alt World Studios, a pause for breath as we figured out the direction we would be taking in our future releases. This pause also meant we only got one book published this year, which is the Night Guardian storybook, The Last Guardian, the fable about a boy and his giant robot teddy bear.

We have now put together the 2024 Alt World Studios line-up and we are going to do a very deep dive into the world of the Night Guardians.

  • 1st Quarter 2024 | Mr. Button’s Let’s Hunt Monstas! – Mr. Button returns in an adventure that is going to tear the wheels of the Night Guardians universe. As he is recruited to venture into the realm of the Boogeyman, and stop the latest monsters threat to reality. Embrace the mayhem here.
  • 2nd Quarter 2024 | Dream Warriors, Phantasia – You first met the Dream Warriors in A Whole New Adventure, their one-shot graphic novel. Phantasia is the full adventure of these two heroes and their teddy bear spirit guide, in the realm of dreams as they encounter pirates, dragons and the nightmares of the dark. Start your adventure here.
  • 3rd Quarter 2024 | The Night Guardians vs Cthulhu Part One of Three – The biggest monster of them all is waking up and is threatening our reality, but is there more to this than it seems? Who has summoned he who sleeps? Was it the Boogeyman? The biggest adventure yet, featuring all the heroes of the Night Guardian universe is about to begin.
  • 4th Quarter 2024 | Mr. Button’s Slay Night – Mr. B returns in an M-print adventure, and he has one night to figure out who stopped the toy train.

Adventures ahead!