A Whole New Adventure set in the world of the Night Guardians, the Dream Warriors are LIVE on Kickstarter

Dream Warriors, a whole new adventure is LIVE on Kickstarter

A whole new adventure set in the world of the Night Guardians has been released on Kickstarter, join the Dream Warriors as they explore and protect the Dreamscape from the Dark, the nightmare shades of the Boogeyman.

The Dream Warriors - A Whole New AdventureWe have launched our latest Kickstarter, Dream Warriors, this whole new adventure tells the story of a kid called Thomas and a teddy bear called Nate, who are exploring the Dreamscape and stumble into an adventure to protect a small girl called Marcy from the Dark, a nightmare of the Boogeyman.

Nick Davis returns to write the Dream Warriors and the art is by the talented Veronica Smith, this is a story inspired by the courage of children cancer parents, and is a story that will take the Night Guardian world in a very unexpected and visually stunning direction.

Take a look at our Dream Warriors Project page, and lend your voice to support the project on Kickstarter.

Adventures ahead!