A Whole New Adventure set in the world of the Night Guardians, the Dream Warriors are LIVE on Kickstarter

When a Knight won his spurs in the stories of old

Dream Warriors is the latest adventure to be set in the world of the Night Guardians, and features a young hero and his teddy bear as they explore the realm of dreams.

… He was gentle and brave, he was gallant and bold.

This upcoming all-ages graphic novel is a deeper, and a much more emotional journey than first Night Guardians book, as we explore aspects all my stories are hung on… Hope, Courage and Friendship.

… With a shield on his arm and a lance in his hand.

Our hero Thomas, is inspired by the stories of Knights of old, of being gentle yet brave, these are more than just words for him. And in the realm of dreams he can use his imagination to take physical form to protect those in need.

… No charger have I, and no sword by my side…

Our hero, gallant and bold in the dreamscape, is in reality bedridden in hospital, with bone cancer, and with his teddy bear spirit guide Nate is on an adventure to save the realm of dreams from the Dark, the nightmare of the Boogeyman.

From the castle of darkness the power of truth.

The Dream warriors is tribute to the courage of children with cancer, in particular a child named Nathaniel, who found comfort in my first Teddy Bear Tales story, and for a time forgot about the cancer in his body.

This is a story that I have waited three years to tell. Please check our my Kickstarter here, please pledge if you can, and if you cannot please share, thank you.